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Difference between CPU and GPU

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2020
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Central Processing Unit (CPU):
CPU is known as brain for every ingrained system. CPU comprises the arithmetic logic unit (ALU) accustomed quickly to store the information and perform calculations and Control Unit (CU) for performing instruction sequencing as well as branching. CPU interacts with more computer components such as memory, input and output for performing instruction.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU):
GPU is used to provide the images in computer games. GPU is faster than CPU’s speed and it emphasis on high throughput. It’s generally incorporated with electronic equipment for sharing RAM with electronic equipment that is nice for the foremost computing task. It contains more ALU units than CPU.

The basic difference between CPU and GPU is that CPU emphasis on low latency. Whereas, GPU emphasis on high throughput.

Let’s see the difference between CPU and GPU:

1.CPU stands for Central Processing Unit.While GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit.
2.CPU consumes or needs more memory than GPU.While it consumes or requires less memory than CPU.
3.The speed of CPU is less than GPU’s speed.While GPU is faster than CPU’s speed.
4.CPU contain minute powerful cores.While it contain more weak cores.
5.CPU is suitable for serial instruction processing.While GPU is not suitable for serial instruction processing.
6.CPU is not suitable for parallel instruction processing.While GPU is suitable for parallel instruction processing.
7.CPU emphasis on low latency.While GPU emphasis on high throughput.
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