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Difference between Couchebase and MongoDB
  • Last Updated : 21 Jun, 2020

1. Couchebase :
Couchebase is a NoSQL database for interactive web applications. It is an easily scalable database with a highly flexible data model which provides high performance.
It is a merge of two popular NoSQL technologies:

  • (i) Membase –
    It provides persistence and replication features which ensures better performance.
  • (ii) CoucheDB –
    It is a NoSQL technology which uses the document object model based on JSON.

2. MongoDB :
It is a leading NoSQL database written on C++. It works on the principle of collection and document and provides high performance and scalability. It is very easy to scale and avoids the use of complex joins. It is a schema-less database where each collection holds different documents.

Difference between Couchebase and MongoDB :

It has an integrated admin console and everything is configured in a single place.It follows the master-slave principle and has many parts that are manually configured.
In Couchebase, the data is written in multiple data files which are further organised as B-Trees.In MongoDB, data is stored in the collection of BSON documents.
It uses the memcached protocol which eleminates the need of an external cache.It uses external cache in order to handle increased users and scalability.
It can use various tools like REST API, Command line interface or Web UI to handle the maintenance task.It only supports the CLI tools for maintenance.
A Couchebase bucket does not usually store similar documents.In MongoDB, the collection may store documents of similar feature.
.Net, Python, Ruby, Scala are some of the programming language that support Couchebase.C, C++, C# re some of the programming language that support MongoDB.
Couchbase introduced a N1QL – SQL-like query language.MongoDB uses its own query language that is created with documents in mind.

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