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Difference between Control Structure and Control Statement

Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2022
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1. Control Structure :
Control Structure, as name suggests, is basically a set of statements and control statements that are controlling their execution.


2. Control Statement :
Control Statement, as name suggests, is basically a statement that is used to determine control flow of set of statements. It makes decision on basis of condition provided by statement or on basis of values and logic.


Difference between Control Structure and Control Statement :

Control Structure

 Control Statement 

Its main purpose is to accommodate set-point changes and reject load disturbances in network.   Its main purpose is to determine or identify whether or not statements will be executed.  
It helps in changing flow of program, allows us to develop complex sets of instructions out of simpler building blocks, etc. It helps in making decisions, to execute tasks continuously, etc.  
It generally helps in achieving effective control system. It generally helps in controlling flow of program. 
It is used to determine logical order of program instructions.   It is used to tell program whether to execute statement in a condition or not.  
It simply describes tasks that program has to perform.   It simply controls execution of other statements. 
Types of control structure includes sequential control, selection control, and repetition control.   Types of control statement includes if statement, loop, switch statement, etc.  


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