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Difference between Confusion and Diffusion
  • Last Updated : 03 Jun, 2019

Confusion and diffusion area unit the properties for creating a secure cipher. Each Confusion and diffusion area unit wont to stop the secret writing key from its deduction or ultimately for preventing the first message.

Confusion is employed for making uninformed cipher text whereas diffusion is employed for increasing the redundancy of the plain text over the foremost a part of the cipher text to create it obscure. The stream cipher solely depends on confusion, or else, diffusion is employed by each stream and block cipher.

Confusion = Substitution
a --> b
Caesar Cipher 

Diffusion = Transposition or Permutation
abcd --> dacb

Let’s see the difference b/w Confusion and Diffusion:

1.Confusion is a cryptographic technique which is used to create faint cipher texts.While diffusion is used to create cryptic plain texts.
2.This technique is possible through substitution algorithm.While it is possible through transportation algorithm.
3.In confusion, if one bit within the secret’s modified, most or all bits within the cipher text also will be modified.While in diffusion, if one image within the plain text is modified, many or all image within the cipher text also will be modified
4.In confusion, vagueness is increased in resultant.While in diffusion, redundancy is increased in resultant.
5.Both stream cipher and block cipher uses confusion.Only block cipher uses diffusion.
6.The relation between the cipher text and the key is masked by confusion.While The relation between the cipher text and the plain text is masked by diffusion.

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