Difference Between Computer Science and Data Science

Computer Science:
Computer science can be referred to as the study of computers as well as computing concepts. It is basically the study of the processes which interact with data which is in the form of programs. It deals with the manipulation of the information by making the use of various algorithms. Thus computer science deals with the study of both hardware as well as software and other components like networking and the internet. The hardware part of computer science deals with the study of the basic design of computers and the working process of it. The software part of computer science deals with the study of programming concepts as well as languages. Computer science also deals with operating systems and compilers.

Data Science:
Data science is basically a field in which information and knowledge are extracted from the data by using various scientific methods, algorithms, and processes. It can thus be defined as a combination of various mathematical tools, algorithms, statistics, and machine learning techniques which are thus used to find the hidden patterns and insights from the data which helps in the decision making process. Data science deals with both structured as well as unstructured data. It is related to both data mining and big data. Data science involves studying the historic trends and thus using its conclusions to redefine present trends and also predict future trends.


Below is a table of difference between Computer Science and Data Science:

S.No Computer Science Data Science
1. It is basically the study of the computational systems including both theory and applications. It is a field that uses mathematics, statistics and various other tools to discover the hidden patterns in the data.
2. It is mainly used for advancement and growth of technology. It is mainly used for the management of data and data analysis.
3. The advantage of using computer science is growth and development of technology. The advantage of using data science is handling and maintenance of large volumes of data.
4. It has been a branch of science from a really long time. It has evolved recently as a developing branch of science.
5. One after studying computer science becomes a computer science professional. One after studying data science becomes a data scientist or a data analyst.
6. Computer science is the super set of data science as it covers the entire technological field. Data science is a subset of computer science which involves the study of data and its analysis.
7. Its main benefit is technological advancement and improved speed and performance of technological devices. Its main benefit is easy management of data and reduction of data redundancy.
8. It is applied to nearly all the technical industries and companies. It is basically applied to the industries and companies where data is of quite a lot importance.
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