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Difference between Compunent Video and S-Video
  • Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2020
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1. Compunent Video ::
It is also know as RCA video. This video has been split into two or more component channels. This is provide a high quality of picture Composite video are contains both the chrominance and luminance information, along with synchronization and blanking pulses.

2. S-Video :
It is also known as separated video. This is provide a quick and easy way to connect audio-visual components. These S- video signals are typically produced by some DVD players and computer monitors.

Difference between Compunent Video and S-Video :

1.Compunent video was first used in 1950.S-Video was introduced in 1987.
2.Compunent video more complete color resolution palette than both RCA and S-video.It is a lower color resolution than component but better than RCA.
3.Best quality for standard definition DVDs like 1080p, 1080i and 720p as well as transmitting HD video signals.In the S-VIDEO, the standard definition of 480i or 576i but cannot transmit analog HD signals at all.
4.Clear color bleed or reflections from nearby light sources comparable to HDMI.Some color bleed seen versus virtually no color bleed from composite.
5.Crisper images with clearer edges for videogame 3D polygonal models on game consoles.Decent clarity of images and movement for videogame 3D polygonal models on game consoles.
6.Makes use of three composite video cables (colored green, blue, and red) instead so you need to make sure the ends match up the labels.S-video pins can be bent accidentally, making it a hassle to replace.

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