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Difference between Communication and Transmission

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  • Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2021
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1. Communication :
Communication means 2-way talking, such as in a network where computers talk to each other to transfer data from one computer to another. Communication can also mean one station talking to many stations at once, or you can have many stations talking to many stations at once.

For example, a computer connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection participates in data communication by using a wireless medium to send and receive data from multiple remote servers. Computer connects to router and asks for its IP address. Router responds with local IP address of the computer and connect it to Internet. Then computer requests access to certain server for communication, and TCP/IP packets travel through multiple routers until it reaches the destination server. Server responds back with a message which gets back to the computer by following the same steps.

2. Transmission :
Transmission is only one way of communication, which is the computer can only talk out and not receive anything. The transmission would be half of the communication where you would send out a packet to the network and then the other half of the communication would use the receiver to accept the packet as it returns. Well, your computer that uses Transmission is a software radio station where you only transmit and receive input.

For example, the Random Access Memory (RAM) or hard disk performs data transmission by sending data to the processor. Data bus is used to transfer data from RAM or hard disk to CPU. Data bus is bi-directional i.e. it can carry data in both directions- from memory to CPU and vice versa but at a time it only transmits data in single direction. Data transmission from memory to CPU is a one way process that is carried out by data bus.

Difference Between Communication and Transmission :



Transmission is the act of moving anything from one location to another, such as a radio or television broadcast or a disease from one person to another.The transfer of a message from a sender to a recipient in an intelligible way is referred to as communication.
Transmission is a physical movement of information and concern issues like bit polarity, synchronization, clock, etc.Communication means the full exchange of information between two communication media.
Transmission is a kind of one-way data transfer.Communication is a two-way interactive process in which all the participants actively share their data.
Transmission means the transfer of data from the source to the destination.Communication is the process of sending and receiving data using a data cable that is connected externally.
Transmission means sending some information or data from one place to another but only transmitting, whereas at the receiving end we cannot be sure whether it is received or not.Communication means two-way communication, for example, if you send any info or data that must be received at the receiving end.
In transmission, we just transmit the data to the destination. There’s no dialogue between the source and the destination.In communication, there will be a dialogue between the source and destination.
For Example: when something travels over cable wires to get to its destination.A set of supervisors in a grocery shop, for example, are all at the same level. In this network, they will connect with one another and then transfer information to the assistant managers, who will subsequently pass it on to the cashiers.
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