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Difference between Cold Booting and Warm Booting

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  • Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2019
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Cold Booting:
We are familiar with what the booting process is, in a common way. Now, question is, what is cold booting? This is the very first step that a computer takes when it is turn ON from OFF position. In the very first step, the microprocessor is initialized.

Warm Booting:
It is different from the Cold Booting because it is not done in the very first phase of starting the device. It doesn’t do the POST test. If the computer hangs because of some reason while working, and demands to be restarted to make it working. The process of reset/restart of the computer system is called as warm booting. It is done with the help of reset button or keys (Ctrl+Alt+Del). This testing doesn’t test the booting RAM because no power is performed on self-test.

Difference between Cold Booting and Warm Booting:

S.No.ComparisonCold BootingWarm Booting
1.Initialized byPower button.Reset button or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously.
2.PerformedFrequent basis.Not very common.
3.Alternate namesHard Booting, Cold start and dead start.Soft Booting.
4.POST (Power On Self Test)Included.Not included.
5.BasicTurning a computer ON from a powerless state.Resetting a computer from already in running state.
6.ConsequenceDoes not affect the data or other hardware.Can severely affect the system causing the data loss.

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