Difference between cheerio and puppeteer

1. Cheerio :
It is nodejs Module that whose implementation is based on the core jquery. It works with a very simple and consistent DOM model. Cheerio is widely used for web scraping work and sometimes in automating the tasks. It pretty quick and fast as it is based on jquery. Cheerio wraps around Parse5 parser and is capable enough to parse any type of HTML and XML documents.

2. Puppeteer :
Puppeteer is widely used for automating browser tasks and can only work with google chrome headless browser i.e chromium. Puppeteer can also be used for web scraping tasks but on the other hand, it is much powerful and filled with a lot of functionalities that are not available in the cheerio module

Difference between Cheerio and Puppeteer :

S.No. Cheerio Puppeteer
1. It was developed and maintained by CheerioJS. It is developed in maintained by Google.
2. It is not capable to parse Javascript. It is capable to parse Javascript.
3. Websites built with react or angular cannot be scraped with this. Websites built with react or angular can be scraped with this.
4. It does not provide functionalities like taking screenshot and making pdf. One can take a screenshot and save pdf with the puppeteer.
5. It is faster as compared to the puppeteer. It is slower as compared to cheeriojs.
6. Cheerio is just a DOM parser that parses HTML and XML. While puppeteer brings the whole browser engine.
7. Cheerio is a perfect fit for scraping tasks. Puppeteer is mostly used for browser automation.
8. Cheerio can work with chrome. Puppeteer require chromium to run its script. By default chromium is headless.
9. Cheerio can only works with raw HTML data. It supports raw HTML, XML, and capable of executing Javacript.

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