Difference between Characteristics of Combinational and Sequential circuits

Prerequisite – Combinational and Sequential Circuits
1. Combinational circuits :
Combinational circuits are defined as the time independent circuits which do not depends upon previous inputs to generate any output are termed as combinational circuits.

2. Sequential circuits :
Sequential circuits are those which are dependent on clock cycles and depends on present as well as past inputs to generate any output.

The main characteristics of combinational circuits and Sequential circuits are as following below-

S.No. Combinational Circuits Sequential Circuits
(1) The output depends only upon the present input and there is no need for feedback for input and output, so memory element is not required. The output depends upon both present input and present state (previous output), so memory element is required to save the feedback state.
(2) It is easier to design, use and handle. It is not easier to design, use and handle than combinational circuits.
(3) Clock signals are not required and it is not dependent on time. Clock signals are required and it is dependent on time and clock so need triggering.
(4) Elementary building blocks are only logic gates. Elementary building blocks are Flip-Flops.
(5) These are faster logic circuits. These circuits are slower than combinational circuits.

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