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Difference between CD-R and CD-RW

  • Last Updated : 14 May, 2020

1. CD-R (Compact Disk – Recordable) :
CD-R is a blank CD in which data can be stored once. After storing data it is converted into CD-ROM. It is made of a reflective metal disk with layer of green or opaque dye on top. It is cheaper as compared to CD-RW and CD-ROM also. In CD-R data can not be written over. The advantage with CD-R is that any version of CD players either it is older or newer it can easily read CD-R.

2. CD-RW (Compact Disk – ReWritable) :
CD-RW is a type of CD which can be erased and it can be used multiple times. It is made of a reflective metal disk with a layer of special metal on top. It is the most cheaper CD among all types. It is costly than both CD-R and CD-ROM. The disadvantage with CD-RW is that mostly older versions of CD players can not read it. In some properties it has some similarities too with CD-RW.

Difference between CD-R and CD-RW :

It is made of reflective metal disk with layer of dye on top.It is also made of reflective metal disk but it has special metal on top.
Data can be stored only once in CD-R.Data can be stored multiple times in it.
It can not be erased.It can be erased.
After storing data, it is converted into CD-ROM.Even after storing data, it is CD-RW itself.
It is cheaper than CD-RW.It is costly among all CD types.
Data can not be written over in CD-R.Data can be changed after writing in it.
CD-R is more compatible.CD-RW is less compatible.
It is effective for long term back-ups.It is the best for data transferring.
All CD players i.e. older and newer can read CD-R.Older CD players can not read CD-RW.

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