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Difference between Case Study and Action research

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1. Action Research :
Action Research is a type of qualitative research. As the name suggests it is more action oriented in order to solve an immediate problem. Action research helps the researcher to improvise its current practices and is applied for researching into issues. It aims to learn through action leading to personal or professional development means focuses on improving and/or refining actions. This type research generally used in field of education to bridge the gap between educational theory and professional practice by improvising their current practices. This helps in observing the problem and identifying the cause and then addressing the issue so mainly it is more focused on immediate addressing to practical problems and in generating knowledge to produce change.

2. Case Study :
Case study research refers to an in-depth examination of a particular event or individual or a group of individuals. It is more of a qualitative method of research where it understand complex issues by deeply observing and analyzing the event or situation by collecting and reporting the data related to the event or situation. Case study research is more towards description rather than immediate cause and effect finding. Case study is categorized into three ways i.e., exploratory, explanatory and descriptive based on research method. These studies involve both quantitative and qualitative data. This type of research can be used to address community-based problems like illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, and drug addiction.

Difference between Case study and Action Research :

01.Action research is a type of research study which is more action oriented in order to solve an immediate problem.Case study is an in-depth examination of a particular event or individual or a group of individuals.
02.Action research involves solving a problem.Case study involves observing a problem.
03.It is mainly used in educational field.It is used in many fields.
04.It always provides a solution to a problem.It does not provide solution to a problem.
05.Identify a problem to research.Identifying and defining the research questions.
06.In action research the researchers can also act as participants of the research.In case study research researchers do not take part in the research study.
07.It identifies the cause and then address the issue.It explores and understand complex issues.
08.Action research analyze data and plan actions.Case study research analyze data.
09.Action Research defines context and purpose.Case study defines the theoretical conceptual structure.

Last Updated : 23 Oct, 2020
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