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Difference between C and Python

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2021

Here are some of the differences between C and Python. 


An Imperative programming model is basically followed by C.An object-oriented programming model is basically followed by Python.
Variables are declared in C.Python has no declaration.
C doesn’t have native OOP.Python has OOP which is a part of the language.
Pointers are available in C language.No pointers functionality is available in Python.
C is a compiled language.Python is an interpreted language.
There is a limited number of built-in functions available in C.There is a large library of built-in functions in Python.
Implementation of data structures requires its functions to be explicitly implemented.It is easy to implement data structures in Python with built-in insert, append functions.
C is compiled directly to machine code which is executed directly by the CPUPython is firstly compiled to a byte-code and then it is interpreted by a large C program.
Declaring of variable type in C is a necessary condition.There is no need to declare a type of variable in Python.
C does not have complex data structures.Python has some complex data structures.
C is statically typed.Python is dynamically typed.
Syntax of C is harder than python because of which programmers prefer to use python instead of C 
It is easy to learn, write and read Python programs than C.
C programs are saved with .c extension.Python programs are saved by .py extension.
An assignment is allowed in a line.The assignment gives an error in line. For example, a=5 gives an error in python.
In C language testing and debugging is harder.In Python, testing and debugging are directly not harder than in C.
C is complex than Python.Python is much easier than C.
The basic if statement in c is represented as: 
if () 


The basic if statement in Python is represented as: 


The basic if-else statement in Python is represented as: 
if ( ) 


The basic if-else statement is represented as: 
if : 


C language is fast.Python programming language is slow
C uses {} to identify a separate block of code.Python uses indentation to identify separate blocks of code.
It is mandatory to mark the end of every statement with a semicolon in C.It is not mandatory to mark the end of every statement with a semicolon in Python.
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