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Difference between BRD and SRS

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2020

The role of formulating a document is to understand fundamentals that will be compelled to develop robust software. Type of record expectation depends upon business type, their criteria, how company processes, and what kind of software is to be developed. Let us understand common documents which are used by everyone and what do we got to discuss ahead.

1. Business Requirement Document (BRD) :
Business Requirement Document is termed as BRD. This document serves to find out practical requirements which may occur while developing any software. It elaborates on the interest of user requirements and developer requirements.
Following are some features of SRS :

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  • It is one of few documents created in any software development life-cycle.
  • Documents features a company can provide a workable solution.
  • It is used to find out what is expected from the system.
  • It helps in finding out project sponsors.

Example : Consider software for tracking Employees spend time. This document will picturize how a system can be made which can improve efficiency of tracking an employee.

2. Software Requirement Specification (SRS) :
Software Requirement Specification is termed as SRS document. This document serves as a detailed illustration of functional and non-functional requirements needed that the software should fulfill.
Following are some features of SRS :

  • This document bridges gap between user and the developer.
  • Documents board imaginations into a structural layout.
  • Used for measuring initial costs and efforts.
  • Works as an agreement between communicating parties.

Example : Consider a software to monitor employee performance. This will require basic modules such as Login Module, Administrator Module, Employee Module, and Reporting Module. SRS document helps to manage these modules.

Difference between BRD and SRS :

1BRD is the short used for Business Requirement DocumentSRS is the short used for Software Requirement Specification.
2BRD is commonly known as Business Requirement Specification Document.SRS is also called a Product Requirement Specification and System Requirement Specification.
3It is maintained by Business Analyst.It is maintained by Business Analyst or System Analyst.
4Focuses on Business requirements and Stakeholders requirements.Focus on functional and non-functional requirements.
5Bridges the gap for understanding company features to the customer.Bridges the gap occurs between user and developer.
6Used in initiation phase.Used for the planning phase.
7Features about why the requirements are being taken.Features about what requirements are being taken.
8BRD is used by Upper/middle Management teams.SRS is used by the Project managers, technical leads, and Subject matter experts.

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