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Difference between BorgBase and MiMedia

  • Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2020

1. BorgBase :
BorgBase is a backup storage software which is provided by The Borge Collective. It is basically designed for Unix like operating system based systems. It was launched by The Borge Collective in 2010. It was majorly developed using Python. It offers 5 GB free storage space. It also provides unlimited storage space for paid accounts. It is also known as Attic Backup Software.

2. MiMedia :
MiMedia is a cloud storage and cloud-based online backup service which is provided by MiMedia LLC. It is quite similar to other cloud storage services like Dropbox etc. It mainly focuses on storing media files i.e. images and videos but documents and other files can also be stored. It was developed by startup company MiMedia LLC. It offers 10 GB free storage space. It was launched in 2010.

Difference between BorgBase and MiMedia :

It is owned by The Borg Collective.It is owned by MiMedia LLC.
It was launched in 2010.It was also launched in 2010.
It was developed by The Borg Collective.It was developed by MiMedia.
It offers 5 GB free storage space.It offers 10 GB free storage space.
It provides unlimited maximum storage space.It provides limited maximum storage space.
It is a file hosting and cloud storage service.It is a cloud storage and backup service.
It has the unlimited maximum storage size.Maximum storage size is 2 TB here.
It is used to store all types of files.It is used to store images and videos specially.
It does not support file versioning.It also does not support file versioning.
It has append-only support.While it does not have append-only support.
Maximum file size has no limit.Maximum file size is 5 GB here.

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