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Difference between Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5

Last Updated : 22 Dec, 2022
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What is Bootstrap? 

It is an open-source framework from late 2011 that is used for designing responsive websites with a mobile-first approach faster and easier. Bootstrap is available for HTML, CSS, and JS. According to server-side languages like PHP, Node, etc. bootstrap helps to design the frontend. Bootstrap has made the work for developers easier by making the templates ready which are basic part of every website. Thus people tend to develop further and don’t waste time on basic templates with beautiful designs along with responsiveness available. 

Why Bootstrap? 

  • Faster and Easier
  • Mobile First style
  • It is free! Available on
  • Browser support
  • Responsive Design

Bootstrap 5 alpha launched in mid-June of 2020. As it is in the alpha-1 version, in the future some more features can be added to bootstrap 5

In the alpha-1 version of bootstrap 5 some classes removed are: 

  • form – row
  • form – inline
  • list – inline
  • card – deck

Some of the added classes: 

  • gx-* (classes control the horizontal/column gutter width)
  • gy-* (classes control the vertical/row gutter width)
  • g-* (classes control the horizontal & vertical gutter width)
  • rows-cols-auto

Difference between Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 

Grid System It has 5 tier (xs, sm, md, lg, xl). It has 6 tier (xs, sm, md, lg, xl, xxl).
Color It has limited colors. Extra colors added with the looks, A card improved color palette. there are various shades available to choose.
Jquery It has jquery and all related plugins. Jquery is removed and switched to vanilla JS with some working plugins
Internet Explorer Bootstrap 4 supports both IE 10 and 11. Bootstrap 5 doesn’t support IE 10 and 11.
Form elements Radio buttons, checkboxes have different look in different OS and browsers. The form uses whatever default browsers provide. The look of form elements will not change, on different OS or browser. The forms can be customized and form controls can be added, they would not depend on browser. 
Utilities API We cannot modify utilities in bootstrap 4 Bootstrap 5 gave freedom to modify and also create our own utility
Gutter We use .glutter with fontsize in px We use .g* with fontsize in rem
Vertical Classes Columns can be positioned relative Columns cannot be positioned relative
Bootstrap Icons Bootstrap 4 doesn’t have its own SVG icons, we have to use font-awesome for icons. Bootstrap 5 have its own SVG icons
Jumbotron It supports. It doesn’t support jumbotron.
Card deck The card deck is used to create a set of cards with equal width and height. Card deck class in removed in bootstrap
Navbar We have inline-block property and we will get white dropdown as default for dropdown-menu-dark class. Inline-block property is removed and we will get black dropdown as default for dropdown-menu-dark class.
Static Site Generator Bootstrap 4 uses Jekyll software. Bootstrap 5 uses Hugo software as it is fast static site generator.
flexbox grid this makes easier to implement vertical designs, and the columns and rows can easily be implemented. the classes justify-center-content can directly be used to align according to the requirement. advanced grid system is made available , also columns don’t have relative positions.  
RTL Support It does not enable RTL(Right to Left) switching. It enables RTL(Right to Left) switching.
Offcanvas Component It does not support Offcanvas Component. It supports Offcanvas Component(that is it is available now).


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