Difference between BOOTP and DHCP

BOOTP stands for Bootstrap Protocol. and DHCP stands for Dynamic host configuration protocol. These protocols square measure used for getting the information science address of the host along side the bootstrap info. The operating of each protocols is totally different in some manner.Dynamic host configuration protocol is also the extended version of the Bootstrap Protocol.

Let’s see that the difference between that BOOTP and DHCP:

1. BOOTP stands for Bootstrap Protocol. While DHCP stands for Dynamic host configuration protocol.
2. BOOTP does not provide temporary IP addressing. While DHCP provides temporary IP addressing for only limited amount of time.
3. BOOTP does not support DHCP clients. While it support BOOTP clients.
4. In BOOTP, manual-configuration takes place. While in DHCP, auto-configuration takes place.
5. BOOTP does not support mobile machines. Whereas DHCP supports mobile machines.
6. BOOTP can have errors due to manual-configuration. Whereas in DHCP errors do not occure mostly due to auto-configuration.

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