Difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are used for providing wireless communication through radio signals. The most distinction between Bluetooth and Wifi is that, Bluetooth is actually accustomed connect short-range devices for sharing information whereas Wifi is used for providing high-speed web access or internet.

Wifi provides high information measure because the speed of web is a vital issue.

Let’s see the difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:

S.NO Bluetooth Wifi
1. Bluetooth has no full form. While wifi stands for Wireless Fidelity.
2. It requires bluetooth adapter on all devices for connectivity. Whereas it requires wireless adapteron all devices and wireless router for connectivity.
3. Bluetooth consumes low power. while it consumes high power.
4. The security of bluetooth is less in comparison of wifi. While it provides better security than bluetooth.
5. Bluetooth is less flexible means in this limited users are supported. Whereas wifi supports large amount of users.
6. The radio signal range of bluetooth is ten meters. Whereas in wifi this range is hundred meters.
7. Bluetooth require low bandwidth. While it requires high bandwidth.

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