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Difference between Baidu Cloud and TitanFile

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1. Baidu Cloud : 
Baidu Cloud is a cloud service which is provided by Baidu Incorporation. It offers a cloud storage service, client software, file management, sharing of resources and integration of third party. It enables to synchronizes files automatically on internet based client terminals once the files are created on a client terminal. It was launched by Baidu Incorporation in 2012. Its actual name is Baidu Wangpan but is commonly known as Baidu Cloud. 

2. TitanFile : 
TitanFile is a file sharing service and cloud storage service which is provided by TitanFile Incorporation. It is one of the secure cloud computing services available. It is majorly used in Canada and United States. It provides a secure way for professionals to share files and communicate with their clients. It was launched by TitanFile Incorporation in 2011. It does not offer free storage space. 

Difference between Baidu Cloud and TitanFile :

It is owned by Baidu Incorporation.It is owned by TitanFile Incorporation.
It was launched in 2012.It was launched in 2011.
It was developed by Baidu.It was developed by TitanFile Inc.
It offers 2 TB free storage space.It does not offer free storage space.
It provides limited maximum storage space for paid.It provides unlimited maximum storage space for paid.
It is used in countries like China.While it is majorly used in Canada and United States.
It has the maximum storage size of 32 TB.Maximum storage size is unlimited here.
It has unstable traffic or band-width limit.It has no traffic or band-width limit.
It supports remote uploading.It does not support remote uploading.
Baidu Cloud maximum file size is 4GB in the FAT32 file system in Windows and 2TB in the ext3 file system in Linux.Here maximum file size is 5GB for Individual and Starter, 50GB for pro and 50+GB for Enterprise paid plan.
It does not support file versioning.It supports file versioning.

Last Updated : 19 Dec, 2022
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