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Difference Between Azure DevOps and Jira

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  • Last Updated : 08 Apr, 2021

1. Azure DevOps :
Azure DevOps is its own set of cloud services that have collaboration tools that work on any platform it is a tool that implements the DevOps lifecycle in a business. It provides you with a ready platform for turning your idea into a piece of software. It provides you with Agile tools which help in managing your tests, versioning your code with Git,  and deploying projects to cross-platform systems. Azure was previously called Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS) which made a better software development lifecycle with modern services. 
Features of Azure DevOps :

  • It provides a dashboard in which projects can be managed.
  • It integrates with Git to provide versioning of code.
  • Tools provide better code representation.

2. Jira :
Jira is a project management tool developed in the year 2002 by the Australian company Atlassian. It is a powerful tool that provides issue, bug tracking, and various management process for the developing project. Jira has become more than issues tracking tool for the organization which supports Agile development or a general task development and most of the applications are built on top of it now. It has a variety of customers, and it provides various flavors of the tool named Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Desk.
Features of Jira :

  • Provides numerous business templates for the management of tasks.
  • It supports many add-ons which make different software integrate easily.
  • It supports more than 10 languages which are widely used in organizations.

Difference Between Azure DevOps and Jira :


Azure DevOps


1.It is a tool provided by Microsoft to implement the DevOps lifecycle in business.It is a tool that provides project management for software development.
2.It provides a platform for modern services to collaborate better for software development.It provides an Agile way of software development and collaborates with teams to develop.
3.Azure DevOps does not have search capabilities like Jira.Jira provides advanced search capabilities for issues in code.
4.Traceability in the software development lifecycle is possible from one start to another way.Traceability is not direct in this tool and does not provide visibility on which group is completed.
5.It can easily integrate with Git for better versioning of code. It is integrated with BitBucket for versioning of code.
6.It provides a dashboard in which projects can be managed.It provides Kanban and Scrum boards.
7.It does not have built in roadmaps to tack progress.It has built in roadmaps to tack progress.
8.It does not have such capability.It has Comprehensive agile reporting which makes teams accessible to dozens of reports.
9.Azure DevOps is an enterprise ready tool.Jira is an enterprise ready Agile tool.
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