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Difference between AT and ATX Motherboard

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  • Last Updated : 10 Jun, 2020

The data processing in a computer takes place in a processor. The processor is situated in a hardware circuit board called the Motherboard or Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

AT and ATX stand for Advanced Technology motherboard and Advanced Technology Extended motherboard.

Difference between AT motherboard and ATX motherboard :

S. No.CategoryAt motherboardAtx motherboard
1.Full FormAT motherboard stands for Advanced Technology motherboard.ATX motherboard stands for Advanced Technology Extended motherboard.
2.CasingIt can only fit in AT casing (it cannot fit in ATX casing).It can only fit in ATX casing (it cannot fit in AT casing).
3.Sleep ModeIt does not have a sleep mode feature.It has sleep mode feature in it.
4.Power DrainIt has more power drain due to not having sleep mode.It has lesser power drain because it has sleep mode.
5.Power ConsumptionPower Consumption in AT motherboard is more due to non-availability of sleep mode.Power Consumption in ATX motherboard is less due to availability of sleep mode and software-controlled switch.(It can easily convert 5 Volt to 3 Volt when necessary)
6.Power Connectors12-pin plugs are used to connect AT motherboard to power supply.20 or 24-pin plugs are used to connect ATX motherboard to power supply.
7.Other ConnectorsIt has only 2 other connectors: 1 outside connector, 1 DIN connector for keyboardIt has many more connectors: network card connector, video card connector, sound card connector, Modem connector.
8.Power SupplyIt needs AT switch mode power supply.It needs ATX switch mode power supply.
9.Production yearIt was produced in the year 1984.It was produced in the year 1995.
10.Produced byIt was produced by IBM.It was produced by Intel

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