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Difference Between Assembly Language And Machine Language

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Machine language is the low-level programming language. It can only be represented by 0s and 1s. Earlier when we have to create pictures or show data on the screen of the computer then it is very difficult to draw using only binary digits(0s and 1s).For example: To write 120 in the computer system its representation is 1111000. So it is very difficult to learn. To overcome this problem the assembly language is invented.

Assembly language is the more than low level and less than high-level language(such as C, C++, Java, Python, etc). So it is an intermediary language. Assembly languages use numbers, symbols, and abbreviations instead of 0s and 1s.For example: For Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplications it uses symbols likes Add, Sub, and Mul, etc.

Assembly and machine language

Difference between Assembly language and Machine language.

Assembly Language Machine Language
Assembly language is only comprehensible to human beings not to computers. Machine language is only comprehensible to computers.
In assembly language data can be represented with the help of mnemonics such as Mov, Add, Sub, End, etc. In machine language data only represented with the help of binary format(0s and 1s), hexadecimal,and octadecimal.
Assembly language is easy to understand by human being as compared to machine language. Machine language is very difficult to understand by the human beings.
Modifications and error fixing can be done in assembly language. Modifications and error fixing cannot be done in machine language.
It is easy to memorize the assembly language because some alphabets and mnemonics are used.

Machine language is very difficult to memorize due to the use of binary format (0s and 1s).
Execution is slow as compared to machine language. Execution is fast in machine language because all data is already present in binary format.
Assembler is used as a translator to convert mnemonics into machine-understandable form. There is no need of a translator.The machine language is already in machine-understandable form.
Assembly language is the machine-dependent and it is not portable. Machine language is hardware dependent.


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Last Updated : 11 May, 2020
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