Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence:
Artificial intelligence is the field of computer science associated with making the machines that are programmed to be capable of thinking and solving problems like the human brain. These machines can perform human-like tasks and can also learn from past experiences like human beings. Artificial intelligence involves advanced algorithms and theories of computer science. It is used in robotics and gaming extensively.

Business Intelligence:
Business intelligence is a set of technologies, procedures, applications that help us to convert the raw data into meaningful information that can be actually used for decision making. It involves data analysis through statistical methods. It combines data mining, data warehousing techniques and various tools to extract more data-driven information. It involves the processing of data and then using the data for decision making.


Below is the table of difference between Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence:

Factors Artificial Intelligence Business Intelligence
Concept Artificial intelligence involves human like computer intelligence. Business intelligence involves intelligent decision making.
Focus It deals with principles of statistical analysis. It deals with machine learning and deep learning algorithms.
Application It is mainly used in robotics, image recognition, virtual gaming, fuzzy logic etc. It is used in data extraction and data warehousing techniques.
Scope Its scope is associated with events of the future. Its scope is associated by what has happened in the past.
Contributions It contributes to the subjects like biology and computer science. It contributes to OLAP, enterprise reporting and data analysis.
Algorithm It uses the BFS(breadth first algorithm) and follows the FIFO principle. It uses the linear aggression module for classifying data.
Drawback It has drawbacks such as threat to privacy and safety. It has drawbacks like improper technology and misuse of data.
Intention The main intention of Artificial intelligence is to develop the machines which are capable of working like the human brain. The main intention of business intelligence is analyzing data and predicting the future from the past data.
Tools It uses complex algorithms to make logic. It uses spreadsheets, query software, data mining tools for analysis.
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