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Difference between Article and Essay

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2020

1. Article :
Articles is a piece of writing and is produced either in a printed or electronic form, in newspaper, magazine, journal or website. It has a large readership in mind. It is based on surveys, research, facts and analysis etc. Articles may be short or slightly long may be upto 1500 words. It is written with a definite objective and informs the readers about some concept.

Articles make reader aware of something and keeping them up to date and appears in newspaper, magazine, encyclopedias and now a days mostly in websites. Let’s take an example and understand what is article clearly suppose in a research center a scientist got any new concepts and published a small writing on a popular magazine so the people related to the same field found it helpful and also informed about a new thing.

2. Essay :
Essay is formal and comprehensive piece of literature which describes to a particular issue or topic analysed and discussed. It refers to a short piece of writing on a particular subject. Mainly students in their academics are asked to write essays on some topics as a response to a question or proposition. It does not have a specific readership in mind.

Through essays writer or narrator expresses his or her personal views or opinion on a particular topic or a question and it is based on educational and analytical tone. Let’s take an example and understand what is essay clearly suppose a school student has its exam and in question paper it has been asked to write something explaining about Floods in India which is an example of essay.

Difference between Article and Essay :

01.Article is a written composition meant to be published in newspaper, magazine or other publication.Essay is a literary composition which meant to a particular issue or topic analysed and discussed.
02.The nature of article is objective.The nature of essay is subjective.
03.Its main purpose is to inform the readers about some concept.Its general purpose is to response to a question or proposition.
04.Article has a target readership.Essay has no specific readership.
05.It is accompanied by statistical data, reports and charts, photographs etc.In this no photographs, charts, reports etc. are required.
06.Articles follow heading and subheading format.Essays may or may not follow heading and subheading format.
07.Citation and Reference are not required.Citation and Reference are required.
08.It is short and a descriptive account of something or some topic.It is long account of an event or a concept or a historical happening
09.Articles are slightly long may be upto 1500 words.Essays may be very long and may contain upto 3000 words.
10.Articles does not have conclusion in the last.Essays have conclusion in the last.
11.For example any IoT related article published in IEEE.For example any essay topic say
Education System of India coming in school exam.

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