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Difference between Apache and Nginx

  • Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2020

1. Apache :
Apache is an open-source web server. It was developed by Apache group and initially released on 25 March 1999. It is mostly used for Unix, Linux and Solaris platforms. Apache is the most widely used web server application in the world. It is very secure, fast and reliable. It is a process-based web server application that creates a new thread. It provides a database for authentication and customized responses to error and problem. It has been tested thoroughly by both developers and users with multiple directory index directives.

2. Nginx :
Nginx is a web server that was developed by and initially released on 4 October 2004. Nginx can also be used as a reverse proxy server which revises the request from the client and sends the request to the proxy server. It also acts as reverse caching and works efficiently with static files like JS files, CSS files etc. It improves content and application quality and security. It is an open-source fast, lightweight and high-performance web server that can be used to serve static files. Some companies using Nginx include IBM, GOOGLE, GITLAB, DuckDuckgo, etc.

Difference between Apache and Nginx :

1.Apache is an open-source web server.Nginx is a web server. It is also used as a reverse proxy server which revices the request from client and send the request to proxy server.
2.It is mostly used for Unix, Linux, Windows and Solaris platforms.It is mostly used for Unix like systems, and does not completely support Windows.
3.It was developed by Apache group and initially released on 25 March 1999.It was developed by and initially released on 4 october 2004.
4.Apache is written in C and XML.Nginx is written in C language.
5.It is designed for web server.It is designed for proxy server as well as web server.
6.In heavy web traffic, it cannot support multiple requests.It can support multiple client requests with limited hardware resources.
7.In Apache, modules are dynamically fixed that make it more complex.In Nginx, modules cannot be loaded dynamically as there is a core software in which they are complied .
8.It follows Multi-Threaded approach to process client requests.It follows Event-Driven approach to process client requests.
9.In Apache, there is a dynamic content in web server itself.It does not support provide dynamic content.
10.Apache’s performance for static content is lower than that of Nginx.Nginx’s performance of static content is two times faster than that of Apache as it can simultaneously run thousands of connections and it uses less memory comparatively.

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