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Difference between AMR and AGV

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  • Last Updated : 24 Dec, 2020
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1. Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) :
AMR stands for Autonomous Mobile Robot. It is a vehicle that uses on-boarded sensors and processors to move materials autonomously without any need of physical guides or any other markers. AMRs are so smart that they can recognize and at the same time can react to people, cars, and many more. They perform all their jobs safely and are not dependent on how busy the surrounding environment. They can do unpredictable things like following a specific person wherever they need to go, can understand with respect to environment.

2. Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) :
AGV stands for Automated Guided Vehicle. It is a robot which is portable and follows marking lines or wires on the floor, use radio waves, vision cameras, magnets, or lasers for navigation. They usually perform typical tasks that are difficult to be carried out using manual carts. They are highly used in industries for transportation of raw materials. They required depots for proper and efficient navigation so that safety can be maintained.

Difference between AMR and AGV :

1.AMR is an acronym of Autonomous Mobile Robot.AGV is an acronym of Automated Guided Vehicle.
2.They don’t require any tracks for navigation.They require wired or marked tracks for navigation.
3.They move freely around obstacles.They get stopped when come in contact with obstacles.
4.They travels around people more and highly safe.They travels only in dedicated areas due to safety measures.
5.Expansion of path is easily possible in AMRs.Expansion of path is difficult in AGVs due to infrastructural changes.
6.AMR have no or little need of depots.AGV are highly dependent on depots for movement.
7.They are highly flexible and agile.They are less flexible and are not agile.
8.AMRs need simple software changes for their missions.AGVs need complex changes in software and hardware too.
9.It is less expensive than AGVs.It is comparatively more expensive than AMRs.
10.Example – Self-driving forklifts etc.Example – Automated guided carts etc.

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