Difference between Amazon Drive and ShareFile

1. Amazon Drive :
Amazon Drive is a file hosting service and cloud storage provided by Amazon. It allows cloud storage, file hosting, file sharing and file backup. File and folders on this drive can be transferred from multiple devices like desktop, mobile and tablets. Amazon Drive was initially known as Amazon Cloud Drive. It is not available across the world. It is available for some selected countries. It was launched in 2011.

2. ShareFile :
ShareFile is a file synchronization service, file sharing service and cloud-based file storage service which is provided by Citrix Systems. It is a secure content collaboration that supports the document centered tasks. It provides cloud-based storage, virtual data rooms and client portals. It was developed by Jesse Lipson. It is suitable for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. It does not offer free storage space. It was launched in 2005.

Difference between Amazon Drive and ShareFile :

It is owned by Amazon. It is owned by Citrix Systems.
It was launched in 2011. It was launched in 2005.
It offers 5 GB free storage space. It offers 30 days free trial with maximum storage size 10 GB.
It was developed by Amazon. It was developed by Jesse Lipson.
It has the maximum storage size of 30 TB. Maximum storage size is unlimited here.
It is used in all countries excluding Mexico and China. While it is used world wide.
It is used to store photos specifically. It is used to store all types of files.
It is a file hosting and cloud storage service. It is a commercial file sharing and file synchronization service.
It is generally used for storing personal data. It is used in small and large businesses.
Maximum file size is 2 GB upload via web and 50 GB upload via drive application. Maximum file size is 10 GB to 100 GB according to plans.

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