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Difference between AI File Format and EPS File Format

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AI stands for Adobe Illustrator and this file format was built to control the file size of high graphic images. This file format also works on a Postscript base. It was designed by Adobe corporation to manage vector drawings or artwork in an easier and more efficient manner. It uses the .ai file extension to save Adobe illustrator files.

EPS stands for Encapsulated Postscript, it is a file format for saving vector images to retain the best quality of the images. The EPS file format was designed for vector-based artwork so as to work on these images using any artwork editor. EPS files can be saved with .eps, .epsf and .epsi formats.


Below is the comparison table for AI and EPS file formats:




1.AI file format is not open source, it is proprietary so no source code access. EPS file format is open source so one can easily access the source code.
2.This format is made to handle highly complex graphic images.Low and medium complex graphic images can be easily handled by this format.
3.AI formats are more transparent and show how objects are managed.It manages different objects of an image but does not provide transparency.
4.It is used mainly for logos, icons, symbols etc.It is used in applications where the printing of high-quality images is needed.
5.The extension of this format is .aiExtension of this file format is .eps, .epsf and .epsi
6.It has a small file size as compared to EPS.The size of files is comparatively larger.
7.It is a new file format and is becoming very popular.It is a decade-old file format used for vector images.
8.Only supports vector images.Bitmap graphics and vector graphics both are supported.

Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2022
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