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Difference between ADO and ADO.NET
  • Last Updated : 22 Jun, 2020

1. ADO :
ADO was introduced in 1996 by Microsoft as its component of MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components). It is based on COM (Component Object Modelling). ADO with other components of MDAC serves as a framework for client applications to access data stores. It removes necessitate to know implementation of database and lowers complexity of handling low level code requires for dealing with data.

2. ADO.NET :
ADO.NET is an advanced database technology from Microsoft .NET Framework which provides communication between application system and database server. It is a component of the .NET Framework that is designed to work on disconnected model to access data from data store. Some of the .NET applications which are used to connect with database server are ASP.NET web applications, windows applications and console applications

Difference between ADO and ADO.NET :

1.It is based on COM (Component Object Modelling).It is a CLR (Common Language Runtime) based library.
2.It works only when data store is connected.It does not needs active connection to access data from data store.
3.It has feature of locking.It does not have feature of locking.
4.It access and store data from data source by recordset object.It access and store data from data source by dataset object.
5.XML integration is not feasible in ADO.XML integration is feasible in ADO.NET.
6.In ADO, data is stored in binary form.While in this, data is stored in XML.

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