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Difference between Active Transducer and Passive Transducer

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  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2022
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1. Active Transducer: It is the type of transducer device that does not require any exterior power supply for producing output and which is in function to convert physical signals into electric powered signals by means of the ability of itself. The active sensor no longer needs any other power supply to convert signals from one form to some different form. A thermocouple is an instance of an active transducer. The active transducer generates output in form of voltage and electric powered signals. 

2. Passive Transducer: It is an externally powered transducer and is a type of gadget that is no longer in a position to convert physical signals into electric powered signals through itself, it converts signals by means of any other energy source i.e which produces variation when comes in contact with any passive element. Strain gauges, capacitive transducers, and thermistors are examples of passive transducers. Its output form relies upon on variant in passive associated. 

Difference between Active Transducer and Passive Transducer:

Active TransducerPassive Transducer
It is kind of transducer which generates output in form of voltage or current, without any exterior power supply.It is a kind of transducer whose interior parameters include capacitance, resistance, The smallest signals and inductance modified or change when it comes in contact with any passive element.
Its working principle includes drawing energy from measured source.Its working principle includes drawing power from external sources which results in a change in its physical properties.
It has its own power supply for its functioning.For its functioning, it requires an external power supply.
It has a much simpler design, unlike Passive Transducer.It has a design that is complex as compared to an Active Transducer.
Smallest change in pressure that it can be detected in its output is very low, i.e it has a low resolution.It can detect small changes in output easily and more accurately, i.e. it has a high resolution.
The output of active transducers depends on signal which is used for measurement.The output of passive transducers depends on signal from the external power supply.
These kinds of transducers are also known as self-generating transducers as they do not need any external power source.These are also known as externally powered transducers as they need an external power supply to perform tasks.
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