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Difference between Acceptance Criteria and Acceptance Tests

  • Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2020

1. Acceptance Criteria :
This aims to solve the problem by considering the problem from a customer’s point of view so therefore it must be written in the context of how a user actually experiences any particular application. It is about defining the user stories by considering all the predefined requirements of the customer. They decide that what are the user requirements and the scope of software application tha needs to be completed via developers by taking into consideration the user story.

2. Acceptance Tests :
It is an approach of software testing the place a machine is examined for acceptability and helps us to decide whether or not the software satisfies its Acceptance Criteria by assisting the clients to figure out whether or not to receive that particular software or not. The most important purpose of this test is to evaluate the compliance of the device with the commercial enterprise requirements and examine whether or not it is suited for delivery or not. On the client-side, they implement the acceptance tests to test whether or not the user story is executed and successfully implemented.

Difference between Acceptance Criteria and Acceptance Tests :

S.No.Acceptance CriteriaAcceptance Tests
1.In this, for any user story, there should be some pre-defined requirements of the customer.It aims to cover those areas which are derived from acceptance criteria.
2.It is developed in the planning stage.It is developed in the development stage.
3.Documentation is not in the priority list of it, i.e., it does not need much documentation work.

In this, documentation is in the priority list i.e.

documentation work is highly required to process further.

4.It describes what areas to cover or to be done to process further.It describes how to cover different aspects of the project.
5.Product proprietor used to write these criteria.This test is done from client-side.
6.Generally it is very challenging to understand these criteria from stakeholder’s point of view.This testing is easier to understand from stakeholder’s point of view.
7.There is a role of stakeholders in developing the application.There is no role of stakeholders in developing the application.

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