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DevOn Interview Experience for Java Developer | 3 Years Experienced

  • Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2021

In Devon, the recruiter contacted me through Linkedin.

There were two rounds:

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  1. Technical
  2. Managerial

In the first round Interviewer connected through teams, the discussion started with an introduction and then Core Java.

Core Java questions asked were

  1. Primitives datatypes, ranges
  2. Wrapper classes
  3. Java 8 features
  4. Two coding questions on String that was pretty easy
    • Given a String “My name is XYZ”, reverse the string, word-wise, not character-wise.
    • Count the frequency of each word in a String optimized way.
  5. HashMap vs HashSet, their internal workings.
  6. sleep vs yield vs suspend vs join
  7. Solid Principles
  8. Design Patterns and which ones you have used in real-time projects.
  9. Microservices Architecture.
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