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Deutsche Bank Operations International Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021

Deutsche Bank held an on-campus recruitment drive in my college for the position of Analyst intern (2 months) in August 2021.

There were overall 4 online rounds conducted:

  1. Online Coding Test
  2. Technical Round 1
  3. Technical Round 2
  4. HR Round

Round 1(Online Coding Test – 120 mins):

  • Eligibility Criteria : CPI>=7.0, 10th >= 70%, 12th >= 70%
  • There was a total of 12 qustions.
  • 1-10 were MCQ based on DSA, Java, SQL, C++ and 2 coding question

Coding Questions asked were:

  1. Given two array A and F of given length N, Ai represents length of the ith stick and Fi represents the quantity of ith stick present. Every stick can be used as length or breadth but only once. Construct rectangles using these sticks and find the maximum sum of all the perimeters of rectangles (Medium Greedy, Maths)
  2. Given a number and an array of numbers. Find the difference between two numbers from array closest to given number. (Medium Sorting, Two pointers)

7 selected for next round

Round 2(Technical interview Round – 1 60 mins): This round was held on Skype. Tell me about yourself.

Question on DSA:

  1. What is stack and its application.
  2. What is queue and its application.
  3. Difference between stack and queue.
  4. What is Tree and its application.
  5. What is graph and its application.
  6. What is linkedlist and its application and difference between linkedlist and array.
  7. Asked a coding question, given a linked list and integer k, I have to delete all node whose value equal to k write a program.
  8. Then Difference between SQL and MongoDB
  9. Discussion on Project

4 students were selected for the next round.

Round 3(Technical interview Round – 2 50 mins): This round held on Skype.

  1. Interviewer asked me to tell what i have done in 1st and 2nd year.
  2. what is OOPs?
  3. What is Class and Object?
  4. what is abstraction? with example.
  5. what is encapsulation? with example.
  6. Polymorphism and its types?
  7. Difference between function overriding and function overloading?
  8. in function overriding if return type is different but no of parameter and type of parameter are same. then is it possible or not?
  9. Inheritance and Virtual Function?
  10. what is static?
  11. constructor and destructor
  12. Discussion on the project
  13. what is bootstrap?
  14. what is server?
  15. MongoDB, node js.
  16. Any questions you would like to ask?

3 students were selected for next round and in HR round all of them were selected.

Overall, It was nice experience. I am not selected for the HR round.

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