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Deutsche Bank Interview(virtual) Experience | On-campus for Internship (Pune)

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First Round: It was held on 13th August 2020. It was an online coding round of 1 hour 30 minutes. This assessment took place on Hackerearth. It consisted of 10 MCQ questions and 2 coding questions. The coding questions were both from the topic arrays.

  1. To find if the given array of even number of elements is possible to rearrange such that left half of the array is equal to the right half that is if M=N/2 then      a1=a(M+1),a2=a(M+2),…….,aM=aN. The output format had to be YES or NO.
  2. You are given an array arr containing N distinct integers. You must perform the following operations on the array:
    • For each pair of integers of the array, you must find the absolute difference D between these integers and insert D into the array. If D is already an element of the array, then you are not required to insert D into the array
    • You repeat task 1 until the array cannot be modified further. This implies that the absolute difference between any two elements in the array is already an element of the array.

Write a program to find the Kth the largest element of the final array after the array cannot be modified further. If there is no such element then print -1.

The MCQs which were asked were basic questions from DBMS, Computer networks,OOP, and Operating System.

28 students were shortlisted after this round.

The next day on 14th August 2020 we had our pre-placement talk which started at 8:00 am and ended at 9:00 am. They told us that we will further have three rounds that are Technical, Professional fitness, and HR.

Technical Round :(Held over Skype Business): Asked me about the difference between arrays and linked lists. Examples were arrays and linked lists is used. Gave me around 3 questions and asked whether the code will compile and execute or not. Then he gave me two coding questions to do it on the notepad. They were very easy one was using a simple if-else loop and the other was given an array print the product of minimum k numbers.

19 students were shortlisted after this round.

Professional Fitness Round:(Held over Skype Business): Asked me about my projects and interests. I did not talk much about my technological interests. This round did not go well for me. But mostly I believe he wanted to check whether you have the desired skills for the internship or not. If not then are you willing to learn these skills or not.

11 students were shortlisted after this round. I got eliminated in this round.

HR Round:(Held over Skype Business): I asked my friends about how this round went they said it was a very informal round where they asked about interests and hobbies.

All the 11 students were selected in this round.

Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2020
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