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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience

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Deutsche Bank visited our college for placement drive recently. The company was hiring freshers for the post of Graduate Analyst. The job work location was Pune/Banglore.

Round 1 :

This was a coding round. The questions were from easy to moderate level. They concentrated more on the analytical and logical approach of thinking. There were 3 coding questions unlike the standard pattern of Deutsche Bank which included 2 coding questions and some objective questions. So the candidates who were proficient in competitive coding were at an advantage. Having familiarity with the HackerRank platform would be beneficial. The three questions were as follows-
1) Find the maximum number of events that can be organized for the given start time and duration of each task. This was a classic greedy question ( Activity Scheduling)
2)This question was to find the number of the sparse palindromic substring in a given string. ex- bbrl : this string has possible sparse palindrome as b, b, r, l, bb, bbr etc. A sparse palindrome is a palindrome which when shuffled will form a proper palindrome.
3) This question was a math-based question. We were given a set of coordinates and we needed to extrapolate the graph for the new coordinates. The standard equation of Y=MX+C would be enough to solve the problem.

The criteria weren’t announced by the company but the people who had been able to solve at least one question completely were shortlisted for the round 2.

(The round 1 had 388 participants from which the company shortlisted 49 candidates for round 2. )

Round 2:

This round was a pure technical round which was also an elimination round. The interviewer was quite a cool person. He was cooperative and helpful. The round began with interviewer going through my resume and asking me the level of proficiency I would give for the programming languages I had mentioned on my resume on a scale of 10. Then he asked me if we have a legacy system with minimum ram and processing power which sorting algorithms can be beneficial. Followed by it there were standard questions related to linked list and circular linked lists. Then there was some basic discussion on oops paradigm and it’s components. There was also some discussion on virtual memory and paging concepts. Then the interviewer asked for designing the shortest path distance from node 1 to node N(Dijkstra’s algorithm or bellman ford). Then the interviewer asked me for any questions and I asked a couple of questions and then the round completed.

(After Round 2 they shortlisted around 27 candidates for the further rounds. After this round, all the rounds were compulsory for the shortlisted candidate and there was no elimination round further)

Round 3:

This was a group activity wherein the teams were formed from the shortlisted students. The teams were formed of around 10-15 members and were given a problem statement. With the help of Lego blocks, we were asked to build a bridge which can be used to cross the river of width W. This round tested our team spirit, our leadership skills and our thought process for solving the problems as a team. Then after 15 min, both the teams were asked to combine their work and get a better quality of the bridge. This wasn’t an elimination round but the panelist noted the behavior of each and every candidate and scored them accordingly. It’s advisable to be active in this round but not over dominant and bossy. Everything is being watched by the panelist. (people got rejected because of this trait later)

Round 4:

This was again a technical round for me. The order varied for different students. In this round, I was asked to write some basic programs. Questions related to my internships were asked here. Followed by this I was asked questions related to SQL. Some basic queries with ORDER BY, GROUP BY, HAVING constructs were asked. Next to it questions related to joins and differences between different kind of joins. Questions related to union and can we merge two databases output using union were asked? I said YES we can if both are Oracle based or MySQL based. Next, I was asked which algorithm OLA uses for finding cabs near to u? I said I don’t know specifically for ola but I said google maps do use A Star algorithm and the round progressed further. I was asked questions related to basic threads and multithreading, they were pretty basic. Then the interviewer gave me a puzzle. The famous 3 lit, 4lit, 5 lit bucket question. Even if you the solution imitate as if you are solving and thinking on the problem and then come up with a solution. Try to improvise the solution if possible.

Round 5:

This was the first HR Round. It included a basic set of questions. The list of question is as follows –
1) Tell me how was your journey through these 3 years in college?
2) What was the most stressful thing you have experienced until today?
3) What will you favor more in your team – A good developer or a good friend who isn’t that skilled?
4) Were u confident about getting shortlisted? (Even if u aren’t saying I was pretty much confident)
5) How was your mindset before the aptitude round and before the interview?
6) How do you control your stress?
7) What skills will you look for when choosing a team member? If u say some N things which you are looking for he/she will ask which among these do u believe u have in yourself?
8) What do you know about DB?
9) What are your expectations from the company?

In this round especially the HR person will check your mindset. Don’t tell the answers which you find ready-made on the Internet. The people interviewing are highly experienced and saying those bookish answers will harm your candidature. Being genuine and smart with what you say is the key.

Round 6:

This was another HR Round. This was quite a short interview. The interviewer asked me whether I had any questions for her. I asked a couple of questions and the round completed.

After waiting for around 30 minutes the result was declared and I was confident enough that I would get selected !! (being sarcastic in this). My name was announced and it all went black for me. It was dead silence for me in my head for two minutes and this is how I got placed with Deutsche Bank.

Last Updated : 01 Jul, 2019
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