Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | Set 8 (On-Campus For Graduate Analyst)

Online Round:

First online round was conducted on Hackerrank. It was a 1.5 hr duration test.

The test consisted of 2 coding questions and 5-6 MCQ’s on Data Structures, Algorithms and on Object Oriented Programming concepts (OOP).

  1.  First coding question was based on Binary Search + Prefix Sum sort of thing.
  2.  Second coding question was easy and based on Stack.

Round 1:

This was a technical interview. Most questions were on Array and Linked List.

Some basic concepts on operating system were also asked.

  1. How to count number of running processes in Windows/Linux ?
  2. Difference between Processes and Threads. Explain the use of threads with the help of real world example.
  3. Some questions on your favourite programming language.

Questions on Object Oriented Programming were also asked. Deep understanding of the concepts is required.

Choose any one programming language and learn each and every OOP concept very well.

Round 2:

This was a group discussion round. We were given some topic on which group members have to discuss. Overall they will check how you give your input in the discussion and how you participate in the discussion.

TIP: Keep discussing and presenting the ideas in the discussion.

Round 3:

This was a technical round again based on your projects and previous internships. Deep understanding of your projects is required.

They asked many questions on DBMS such as Concurrency Control Techniques in DBMS and how you implemented concurrency in your projects.

I was also asked about my previous internships. So be confident about the projects which you write in your resume and prepare your projects very very well.

Towards the end, they also asked me some of the best queries in my DBMS project.

Some questions on OS project.

Round 4:

This was a HR Round. Questions such as following were asked:

  1.  How was your day ?
  2.  Tell about yourself ?
  3.  Why DB ?
  4.  Any plans for higher studies ? Why/Why not ?
  5.  Would you like to go abroad ?
  6.  What are your strengths and weaknesses ?
  7.  What are some of the challenging tasks you have done ?
  8.  What is that one incident which you are very proud of ?
  9.  Any questions ?

Good luck 🙂 !

Thanks to GeeksForGeeks for helping me prepare for the process.

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