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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | Set 7 (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 05 Dec, 2017
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Written Round

Deutsche Bank visited the campus and coding round included 10 MCQs based on Sorting and Data Structures.
2 coding questions it was conducted on Hackerrank.
1. Array of string were given and we have to find how many strings in the array can be made with removal of a character from a string
2. Array of integers is given, sort the array based on the number of set bits in the integer.

First Round
This was a technical interview. There were 5-6 interviews going on simultaneously as there were a good number of panelists. The questions were easy relative to the other interviews i have given.

They were mostly on arrays and linked lists.

Linked Lists: insertion, Deletion, finding the missing node in linked list

Arrays: searching, sorting

Around 7 students were selected for the next interview.

Second Round

This was also a technical round.  This was also one on one interview.

He discussed my projects and asked how I developed interest towards Computer Science. Questions were mostly on strings.

Count the frequency of a word in a string with spaces. Find whether the same string is a palindrome ignoring spaces. If I am about to design an algorithm to predict whether M.S.Dhoni would score a century or not, what are the parameters I would consider and how would I go about designing the algorithm

around 4 people were selected for next rounds.

Third Round (Technical Head)

What interviews have you given? How was their placement process compared to ours? Why DB? Why Engineering? Any problem with the locations?  Why not higher studies? Strength and Weaknesses? etc. Asking questions would increase your chances.

Fourth Round(HR)

What interviews have you given? How was their placement process compared to ours? What are the problems when we are working in a team? Relocation problems? Would you leave DB if you get a better offer tomorrow? ask good questions and let them know that you are eager to join and confident.

They gave offers to 3 students.Overall interview process was very smooth, technical questions were easy to medium difficulty and the interviewers are friendly. They take a note of your confidence and eagerness to work at DB. All the Best

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