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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus for Software Developer)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2017
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Recently in the last week, Deutsche Bank visited our campus for recruiting Software Developer in Pune Technology Centre.

It all consists of three rounds

1) Online Exam in HackerRank with 10 MCQs on topics like OS, DBMS, Networking, Data Structures and Algorithms and
two codes.
2) Technical Interview
3) Technical Interview
4) HR

First Round

No negative for MCQs so better to attend all. Questions were easy to moderate like MCQs that are available on GeeksforGeeks.
There were two easy to medium codes:

2) It was a simple functional programming code on searching a vector or array.

Around 30 students were selected for the second round that was on the next day of the online round. The day started with the pre-placement talk with the representatives giving complete details about the bank, its technological centres, its technologies and the skills required. Its better to attend the pre-placement talk.

Second Round

This was a technical interview. There were 7-8 interviews going on simultaneously as there were a good number of panelists. The questions were mainly asked on Core Computer Science Subjects like OS, Data Structures and Algorithm, DBMS and some behavioural questions.
Balanced Trees, AVL Tree Deletion Insertion and other tree based questions.
OS and DBMS were basic questions. They were more interested in candidates with good projects on CV. So better to prepare a good CV.

Around 10 students were selected for the third round that was after the lunch.

Third Round

This was also a technical round. There were questions on JAVA, OOPs and basic CS subjects and a thorough discussion on Projects. Better to have a project on Java or preferably related to Big Data and Data Mining.

Around 5 students were selected for the final round that was after 30 mins of the results.

Fourth Round (HR Round)

HR questions- Why DB? Why CS? Why Engineering? Any problem with the locations? Any offer in hand? Why not higher studies? Why should we hire you? Strength and Weaknesses? etc.
Prepare well for this round also.

Finally, 4 students from our campus get hired.

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