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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 19 Oct, 2016
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Company: – Deustche Bank
Courses Allowed: – B.Tech. – CSE
Eligibility: – 5 CPI and above, 50% and above in 10th & 12th
Job Profile: – GT-DBOI (Analyst)
Job Location: – Pune/Bangalore

Online Test: – There was an online test of computer basics questions are quite easy but time was a factor as there are 25 MCQ question with no negative marking and time is 25 minutes.Total 30 students were shortlisted for the interviews. Soon after the interviews were conducted.

Technical Round: – As I entered the interview room interviewee asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me about the most challenging project I have done and why this project is so much challenging to you. I explained him the project from the scrap and but at the end he was not satisfied with my explanation then I again explained the project to him. After that he asked me to explain my website project then he got satisfied with my both projects. Then he asked me you have interest in Operating system, OOP’s and Data Structure how you will be perfect for this profile then I explained him this by giving him a real life example. Then he asked why DB? and any query for me? I asked him Some question about the logo of DB.

Director Round: -First he asked me to introduce myself then he said that you have done 4 project but you have only explained 2 project to previous round. Then he asked me to explain my other two projects. He easily got satisfied to me. Then he gave me a case study that you have given a choice to choose a team

1.First team is highly technical but person in this team are rude.

2. Second team is average technical and person in this team are normal.

3. Third team is low technical but person in this team are very helpful.

I choose the first team and explained him why I want to be part of this team.

Then he asked him any query for him? I asked him about our role in DB and foreign exposure for us.

Result: – Finally out of 35 shortlisted candidate, 8 were selected for the full time roll.

Key Factor: – Thorough knowledge about the project.

Confidence and Communication skill were the key factor for the selection.

Some technical question were asked to different student but these question were also so easy. :p

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