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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | On Campus

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In last week Deutsche Bank visited our campus.
Round-1 which was Aptitude + Coding Test.
Aptitude and Coding Round (Combined)
Eligibility Criteria: 8 CGPA and  No active backlogs(Streams: Computer, IT, ENTC)
Questions: 2 coding questions and 5 MCQs (No Negative Marking)
Coding Questions:

  1. Dynamic Programming- Matrix maze problem (Count number of ways to reach destination in a Maze)
  2. Find number of sets (a set can be of at least two numbers) of consecutive integers such that their sum = N (N is input).
    eg. For N=15, output=3 ==> (1+2+3+4+5), (4+5+6), (7+8)

MCQ Questions: Questions were related to Data Structure, OOP Concept, etc.
Nearly 350 students appeared for round-1. Out of which 28 were selected for next interview round to be held at the company location.

Interview Round

The interview round of two colleges was arranged on the same day. There were approximately 55 students in this round. Overall interview experience was good. All interviewers were so supportive and encouraging. But, the whole process was so lengthy.

  1. Technical Round- It was elimination round.  Questions for this round were related to my resume(mostly projects), Data Structures (almost all linear data structures basic were asked), OS (Deadlock condition, Deadlock prevention, Difference between Process and Process Table, Threads, Difference in Thread and Process). It was of duration 40 mins. The question domains (like OS, DBMS, CN) varied from interviewer to interviewer. Nearly  28 were eliminated from this round.  All rounds after this round were compulsory for selected students.
  2. Group Activity- 28 students were divided into two groups and legos were distributed between them. One situation is given and task to construct a bridge was given to both groups using the legos. After 15 mins both groups were combined and a task of combining two incomplete bridges without removing any piece from them (but can add new) was given. All Panel members were observing all students during the whole activity. After the activity, some questions were asked by some of them to us regarding the structure of the constructed bridge.
  3. HR Round- The interviewer asked me to advertise myself in 5 mins. I had one technology-related many projects in my resume. He gave me a marker and asked me to explain to him the basics of that technology. He also asked me about the toughest situation of my life. In the end, he asked me whether I had any question to him. I asked him some questions and interview ended.
  4. Technical Round- Another technical interview was conducted. I was asked on Computer Network (Layers of TCP/IP model, Protocols used in mailing, Socket Programming methods, related questions). Also, some questions on OS like present CPU configurations, Producer-Consumer problem. The interviewer tried confusing me many times and I was confused as well at some points. In the end, he asked me whether I had any question to him. I asked him some questions and interview ended.
  5. HR Round- Again one last interview round was conducted and it was HR interview round. I was asked to introduce myself. I was given some situation related to project completion. My problem-solving approach was checked. Why DB? And In the end, he asked me whether I had any question to him. I didn’t ask anything and interview ended.

It took them 2.5 hrs to take the decision. They selected totally 13 students for the offer letter. Out of which I was the one who was selected.

Thanks to geeksforgeeks. Its aptitude questions helped me a lot.

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Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2018
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