Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | In-Campus Internship

The process of in-campus intern selection lasted for 2 days 

The first day they organised an online coding round which contained: 

10 MCQ questions:

  1. 3 on SQL 
  2. 2 on JAVA error finding 
  3. 5 on Output finding 

2 coding questions: 
One of them was a simple observation based and the other was a bit tricky but after devoting some time one can easily form the code. 

After 2 hours or so the result was announced: out of 168 they selected 28. 

The second day they organised 3 interviews round: 

Coding Interview:  They asked some basic concept based question and then a good question: 

How to find LCA in a binary tree when 2 nodes are given, and also the time complexity of the solution. 

Out of 28 total, 19 were selected. 

Personal Interview: This round consists of general questions about the resume and projects I made. 

He asked the new concept I learned while making a project, he asked about difficulties faced by me while making this project, also some other questions that were related to my project. 

Out of 19 total, 9 were selected. 

HR Interview:  Here they asked me about my Strengths, Weaknesses and some simple situations. In total, it was an easy round, one can easily clear it by having some good communication skills. 

9 out of 9 were selected.

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