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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for Technical Analyst Internship | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 29 Jul, 2021
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Description: Deutsche Bank came to our campus to hire interns as well as for FTE. 

There were 4 rounds and all happened online:

  1. Online Coding test.
  2. Technical round.
  3. Professional-fitment round.
  4. HR Round.

Round 1(Online Coding Test – 120 mins): It was held on 18th July from 9 AM to 11 AM. We had 10-MCQs and 2 coding problems.  MCQ’s were based on OOPS, DBMS, OS, and CN. 

  1. 1st problem was medium level and was based on constructive and implementation: Given an array find maximum value of a[i]+(a[j]*a[k]) such that i<j<k and a[i]<a[j]<a[k] are satisfied.  
  2. The 2nd one was simple brut-force. 

After this round 13 students were shortlisted from 240 on the basis of this round and CGPA. We got the results of 1st round after 1 week.

The students who qualified for Round 2 had a pre-placement talk on 27 Jul, 8 AM. In this, they talked about some of the bank functionalities, salary division, and their work culture. After this talk, all the remaining rounds took place on this day only.

Round 2(Technical Interview 45 mins):  This was held around 11:15.

  1. Tell me about Yourself.
  2. Sharding in NoSQL.
  3. Why NoSQL? (since I used it)
  4. Cloud architecture vs in-premises architecture?
  5. Asked me about AVL-Tree balancing (since it was my project).
  6. Told me to implement a recursive function which only prints left-nodes of the whole tree.
  7. Any questions you would like to ask?

I asked him about my work stack if I get selected. Here is the catch, If we ask something it shows them we are interested also be aware of all the stuff written in your resume. After 2hrs of this round around 1:30 PM, 9 students were selected for the next round.

Round 3 (Professional-Fitment 30 min): This was a kind of Tech HR round and held around 3:30 but mostly asked about the projects I made.

  1. Tell me about your projects and experiences.
  2. Asked me why MongoDB over any sql language.
  3. Explain Authentication and Authorization.
  4. Difference between Router vs Bridge.
  5. About Password hashing and security checks in my projects.

Here is the catch, This round was more like how you express yourself and also how well you can explain your projects. After 1.5 hrs of this round around 5 PM, Only 5 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 4 (HR Round 15 min): My HR interview was held around 5:15 pm.

  1. How is your day till now?
  2. Three words which describe you?
  3. How will you handle an underperforming member of your team?
  4. What you have learned in this pandemic situation and how they are going to be useful? 
  5. Any Questions you have? I asked about when they are going to release the final list. This was more like a talk about morals and values of an individual. 

The morning talk was helpful here because I could add some of their values and expressed myself. Although I was very tired and exhausted, the smile was constant in front of the camera.

So after this round, I was waiting eagerly for the results and at 8 PM, the list came and finally only 2 students got selected for the Internships, and I was one of them, I was very happy and on that, I couldn’t able to sleep because of excitement and joy. 

So, this was my interview experience. Hope it helps.

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