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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for Graduate Analyst (On-Campus)2023

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2022
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Courses Allowed: B.Tech. – All circuital branch
Eligibility: 7.0 CPI and above
Job Location: Pune/Bangalore

Online Round (90 min): There were 3 questions. Two medium questions and One hard question. I was able to solve 2 questions and got shortlisted for the Interview Rounds. A total of 26 students got shortlisted.

Offline Interviews:

Round 1: Technical Round 1 (40-45 min):

  • Project Discussion (All 3 projects in depth for around 30 min).
  • Stack and queue.
  • Implement a queue using stack.
  • LRU cache.
  • Topological Sort in a Graph.
  • Selection Sort
  • Run time polymorphism and virtual function.
  • Few behavior questions.
  • Problems faced during lockdown period.
  • How did you help others during the lockdown?
  • Any questions for the interviewer?
  • I asked 2 questions.

20 students got shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2: Technical Round 2 (35-40 min):

  • Current semester subjects.
  • Last semester’s subjects.
  • Project Discussion. (5-10 min)
  • All OOPS concepts with examples.
  • C++ questions.
  • Pointers.
  • Exceptional Handling.
  • Hashmap implementation.
  • Binary Search Algorithm.
  • Recursion. (Explained using Factorial program)
  • Dequeue.
  • Heap and how it is implemented in C++.
  • Find the 3 largest elements in an Array.
  • Questions for the interviewer. I asked 1 question about the company culture and how the dynamics work between different employees within a team.

14 students got shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3: Professional Fitness Round. (30-40 min):

  • This was a bit tough round as this was an in-person interview.
  • The interviewer started with tell me about yourself?
  • Then he asked me about JSON and some questions about NoSQL databases. (Based on Project)
  • He asked me Huffman Algorithm (Project Based) so I explained to him the entire algorithm using a pen and paper.
  • Then he gave me a Puzzle. It was a tricky one as I saw it for the first time. But managed to crack it.
  • Then he gave me a situation-based question. Related to the team collaboration principles of the company. Which I answer wrong.
  • We have many candidates better than you for this job. Why should we hire you?
  • Questions for the interviewer? I again asked the same question about company culture and team dynamics. And while answering he addressed that I answered the situation-based question wrong.

Round 4: HR Round (20-30 min): This was the most chill round.

  • He started with Tell me about yourself.
  • Asked about my hobbies and what was the last movie I watched (I went blank for a while as it was quite unexpected but answered it nevertheless).
  • He asked me to explain my projects in a layman’s term.
  • We discussed Pokemon and which one is my favorite (Project Based).
  • He asked me about my Instagram Clone project why there was a need for it as Instagram already exists and what new features can we add on Instagram.
  • He asked me how I keep myself motivated and what I do in my spare time.
  • Why DBOI?
  • What exactly is Investment Banking (related to my previous answer)?

In total 9 students got finally selected.


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