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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for Graduate Analyst (On-Campus Virtual 2020)

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  • Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2020
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Coding Round: There was an online coding round conducted on hackerearth platform. There were 3 coding questions.  

  1. 1st question (20 points): You are given an array A[0…n], and a list of queries each having format (l,r). You are supposed to calculate GCD(A[l],A[r]) for every query and print the cumulative sum of those GCDs. The question was easy. The only thing you have to take care of is constraints.  

    10-9 < A[i] < 109  

    So, the numbers can be fractions as well so use GCD method accordingly.  

  2. 2nd question (50 points): A number is a magic number if it has prime digits at prime places and non-prime digits at non-prime places. For example, 1259 (non-primes 1,9 are at non-prime places 1,4 and primes 2,5 are at prime places 2,3).  

    Prime places - 2,3,5,7,...  
    Non-prime places - 1,4,6,8,...  

    You will be given N(no. of digits), K(integer), and M(integer). You have to print a count of N digit magic numbers such that the magic numbers leave the remainder K when divided by M.  

    The question was tough for me.  

  3. 3rd question (50 points): You have to print the minimum size of a grid such that the distance between every pair of grid values is K which is given. N is given such that you have to write values from 1…N in the grid which is at a minimum distance of K. The question seemed tough but when you take some inputs and check the output, then you will get to know the pattern or equation for the solution.  

In this round, I solved 1st and 3rd completely. 46 students were shortlisted for the next round

Tech Interview Round: The interviewer started with the legacy question ‘Tell me about yourself’. The interview was focused on the resume and one of the projects which I mentioned in my introduction. Then she asked

  1. What the difference is between C and Python.
  2. Why is C still taught to the students in an era of cutting edge technologies?
  3. What is firebase and how did you use it in your project?
  4. What is DBMS? Why is DBMS used?
  5. What is the difference between RDBMS and NoSQL databases?
  6. Which one will you suggest for our bank? Some follow-up questions based on your answer.

The interviewer then asked if I had any questions for her. I asked her some tech questions like how this happens in your bank?  

36 students were shortlisted for the next round  

2nd Tech interview Round: The interviewer started the interview by asking tell me about yourself which is neither technical nor regarding projects, hackathons nothing. He wanted to know how I can face a situation that is unexpected because I think this answer didn’t contribute to my score in this round.

  1. Explain any of the projects in your resume.
  2. Are you well versed with Python?
  3. Difference between List and Tuple?
  4. How to convert an array to a list?
  5. What is the difference between Array and List?
  6. Then he gave me two programs in Python and asked me what will be the output of those programs with justification.
  7. Convert the given infix expression to postfix and prefix.
  8. How memory is allocated for objects in Python?

The interviewer then asked if I had any questions for him.

24 students were shortlisted for the next round

Professional Fitness Round: The interviewer wanted to know how I approach stressful situations.

  1. He asked me if I am given a file of 2M records having one attribute as either Employed or Unemployed. You have to create two files one with Employed records and the other with Unemployed. How will you do it? A lot of follow-up questions can be silly and asked only to confuse you also but be ready.
  2. Then, the next question is what will you do if I give you only one mainframe technology and only one project to work upon for 10 years and your colleagues a variety of technologies and different projects for 10 years? Will you work for us or leave the job? Because after 10 years, your CV will look not so different and others will have great CVs. Always give positive answers.

The interviewer then asked if I had any questions for him.

No shortlisting  

HR interview:

  1. Asked me about my family background.
  2. What makes you passionate to work in the field of technology?
  3. How was your journey from FE till BE?
  4. Why do you want to work for a bank instead of all product-based firms?

The interviewer then asked if I had any questions for him.

The interview rounds were conducted on Skype. 22 students were selected for the profile in the end

Important tips  

  1. The first thing is to prepare well and be confident about what you have prepared. There will be a scenario where you might be feeling others know better than I or others have worked on so many projects and internships. But don’t think about it. As a fresher, no one expects a lot of things on your resume. Don’t lie at all. If you don’t know something, just say no.
  2. Prepare well for legacy questions like tell me about yourself, OOPS concepts. Go through the interview experiences.
  3. Be well versed with your resume. You should know what you have written and don’t mention technologies or skills for making your resume rich. Be honest.
  4. Whenever asked at the end, always ask questions to the interviewer. It depicts that you are interested in the company or a particular domain.
  5. You accept it or not, luck matters. Even if you don’t get selected, don’t think that it’s always your fault maybe it is just a matter of luck at that time.

All the best for your interviews !! 

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