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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for Graduate Analyst 2022

Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2022
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Deutsche Bank recently visited our campus to hire graduate analysts on 21st July 2022. This was the first time they have visited our campus and I hope they continue to visit our campus.

Round 1 Online Round ( 90 min): It happened on 21st July 2022. It consisted of three coding questions. There were one easy and 2 medium-level coding questions.

  • The first question was based on math. It had 20 points.
  • The second question was based on string manipulation.
  • The 3rd one was a typical bfs Dijkstra-based question. The second and third were 50 points.

I was able to solve half of the first question with 5/10 test cases passed, the 2nd one with 6/10 passed, and the third entire. From this round,45 students were shortlisted out of 640 students. The shortlisting criteria were based on scores of the coding round.

The students who cleared the online round were invited to the PPT, which took place in college.3 members from the organization briefed us about the work culture, compensation, and related stuff. It happened on 29th July at a sharp 8:00.

Round 2- Technical Interview I (60min): It happened to be a virtual interview process that took place in college itself. The interviewer was a knowledgeable and chill person. At first, he introduced himself and then asked me. He emphasized this a lot during my internship. One needs to be very well versed with his resume. Following were the questions he asked related to DSA:

  • Which is the best sorting algorithm? I explained to him about the Quick Sort algo. Instead of its worst-case time complexity being quadratic, it has a tail recursive nature. Also, at last, we had a great discussion regarding the combination of Sorting algos are used in the real world and not any single Algorithm.
  • Real-life use of heap. Here I answered a typical sim card company where the user who pays the bill first will get a quick recharge.
  • Difference between an array, linked list, circular linked list, and doubly linked list
  • Discussion about various data structures used in memory allocation.
  • Importance of inheritance in OOPS.
  • Why do we use inheritance if the struct is already there?
  • Can structure in C consist of functions?
  • Structure vs Classes
  • How are graphs and trees interrelated? Then he asked me about DBMS in extreme depth.
  • Asked me to design a database to depict referential integrity. We had a detailed discussion on the same. Then he asked me to normalize the database designed
  • How will you implement indexing on the database you designed, Followed by types of indexing?
  • What is the singleton pattern and why do we use it?
  • At last, he came back to the projects and asked which architecture pattern you used to implement the project and detailed discussion on the same.

Finally, he said I am done, he asked do you have any questions? I asked 2–3 and it ended up. After 2 hours, the results were announced and 36 students were moved to the 3rd technical round which happened on the same day.

Round 3- Technical Interview II (75min): At first he introduced himself and then asked mine. Again 20 min discussion on projects and internships. They were emphasizing the database the most. we

  • asked me to implement the quick sort function from scratch. Followed by heap sort.
  • Next he asked a few questions based on the stack and string manipulation along with their time and space complexities
  • Difference between primary key and Unique key with its examples in the given database.
  • Made me design a database for the management system with 2 tables. Had an in-depth discussion on it applying normalization.
  • He asked for 3 complex queries based on that database.
  • Asked me about my experience with GCP and AWS.
  • Why did you choose node js for your project?
  • Difference between MongoDB and SQL
  • Which database did you use in your ios internship? Did you work on the backend over there?
  • What is your expertise Frontend or backend?
  • I had mentioned all the operating systems Windows, macOS, and Linux. Which of these do you find is fastest?
  • He asked me do you have any questions. I asked 2–3 and we ended up there.

After 1.5 hours results were declared and 30 students were moved on to the next round

Round 4- Professional Fitness round — Technical + HR(35 min): This was a face-to-face round for some students. Initially, I introduced myself. He was very much impressed with my resume. We discussed projects and their scalability. Then he asked me for 2–3 physics puzzles. I am very bad at puzzles. Then he asked about my parent’s occupation and some background check details. Why do I want to join DB? Then he asked me various situation-based questions.

Rounds 3 and 4 were not elimination rounds. The final elimination shall happen after all the rounds if any.

Round 5- HR Round(20min): This was a typical HR round. The interviewer was a chill person. The questions asked me were.

  • Why do you want to join DB?
  • Why do you don’t want to join DB?
  • From where do you get the news about DB?
  • Are you an individualist or a team player
  • Asked me about hobbies
  • Your philosophy for life.
  • What kind of article do you write?
  • Why should hire you?
  • Offers from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and DB which you shall join?
    A total of 27 students from the 4th year were selected. I am happy that I was one of them. At last, they said after 5 years we had hired this many amounts of folks from any particular college.

Verdict: Selected


  • Be very clear with CS fundamentals, especially DBMS
  • Be confident they’ll cross-question you a lot
  • Try to communicate as much as possible
  • At the end ask questions that depict you are interested in the company.
  • Practice DSA a lot because the online round is a challenge
  • Be ready for everything because LUCK also plays a role.
  • All the rounds happened to be on the same day so keep your energy level up. It’s a tiring process but the best part about it is the results are announced on the same day thus reducing the waiting anxiety.

“ However, remember one thing, how much you prepare(It’s the only thing in your hand, so do it properly), your family, friends and your luck do play a role”

All the best!

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