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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 30 Jul, 2021
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So I worked with Deutsche Bank for 2 months as a Technology Intern, after my 3rd year of B.Tech. I secured this Internship through the placement cell of my college. After the internship ended, all the interns were interviewed by the hiring team of Deutsche Bank, and the decision of PPO was based on that.

There were 4 interview rounds. All the rounds took place on the same day, through virtual mode.

Round 1(Technical Round 1): The interviewer asked me the following questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why C++ and not C? Basically C++ is object-oriented and C is not.
  3. What are STLs in C++? Name a few STLs.
  4. What is a vector in C++?
  5. What is a friend function in C++?
  6. Then he asked me to write a simple recursion code for factorial of a number on Notepad. 
  7. Then he asked me to write a pseudocode for the following problem. This problem was new to me so I took some time to come up with an optimal solution.
  8. What is a subnet? Why is it used?
  9. What is a microkernel?
  10. What is Data abstraction and Polymorphism? 
  11. What is Paging?

This round lasted for about 50 mins.

Round 2(Technical Round 2): The interview round started with a normal conversation. The interviewer asked me about myself and asked me to tell things that were not on my resume. 

He also asked me why do I not code in Python and why C++?

Then he asked me to open an online IDE and to code the following questions:-

  1. Implement a Stack from any data structure of choice.
  2. Implement Bubble Sort.
  3. Fibonacci Series, Why DP and not recursion?
  4. Open a file, write into it and return the word count.
  5. In the end, he asked me for a puzzle, he initially asked me the “Three Bulb Puzzle”, but since I knew this puzzle already, I told him honestly. Then he asked me for another puzzle. Please follow the given link:

This round lasted for about an hour.

Round 3(Pro-fit Round): This round lasted for about 20-25 mins, I was asked common HR questions. 

  • I was asked about my Internship Experience, the Pros, and Cons of a Virtual Internship. 
  • He asked me to give an example where I showed my leadership skills. 
  • He asked me about my hobbies and how I maintain a positive attitude in tough times. I told him that I good at time management, then he asked me to tell an incident where I showed my time management skills and similar questions. 
  • He in the end asked Why should we hire you and how you can be an asset to our team.
  • Basically in this round, you have to talk about yourself and your experiences. Make sure you are confident and you have prepared answers to these questions well in advance. Trust me it helps.

Round 4(HR Round): This round lasted for about 10 mins. 

  • I was asked about my experience as an Intern and how it was in a virtual setup. 
  • Then he asked basic questions about myself and my background. 
  • He also asked me Where I see myself in 5 years. 


  • Be confident. Make sure to revise core subjects beforehand. You can also check out GFG’s last-minute notes on Operating Systems, OOPs, and Networking. 
  • Codes were simple, but make sure you talk through your approach, try your level best to keep the interviewer engaged and make sure he understands each step of your code.

All the best!

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