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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience 2020

  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2020

Round 1 (Coding Round – A large chunk of students appeared as this was the 2nd major recruiter)

  • Held on HackerEarth
  • 3 questions with 50, 50, and 20 marks respectively.
  • All the 3 questions were tough.
  • I did one question of 50 marks with all test cases passed and I qualified.
  • Also, some of my friends got 50 marks but did not qualify. I think there were other parameters as well.

Round 2 ( Technical Interview – 11 students were selected )

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  • Tell me about you and your projects.
  • Explain the project. ( Explained fluently my internship project )
  • Questions on the project.
  • Tell me what you know about OOPS?
  • Explain polymorphism.
  • What are the access specifiers?
  • What will happen if we don’t specify anything before a class?
  • Heap – I didn’t know about it so said I am not confident in Heap. She moved on to the next question.
  • What is a linked list?
  • Find the middle of the linked list ( Code in online editor)
  • What is a stack?
  • What is a queue?
  • Code an algorithm using queue which can find the max and min in O(1) time and show output ( Code in editor).
  • Code all the algorithms you know to reverse a string  (Code in editor).

Round 3 ( Technical Round – 6 students were selected )

  • Project and explanation.
  • CV based questions
  • Why NLP?
  • Other use cases of NLP.
  • Which ML algorithms you know?
  • Difference between Keras and TF.
  • Time complexities.
  • Different terms related to time complexities.
  • O(n), W(n), w(n), theta(n) etc etc.
  • Suppose someone from your team does not want to work. You being the leader of the project what are the steps you will be taking. ( I explained in points that first I’ll talk to him and try to understand the reason. Then I’ll motivate him to join. If necessary I’ll arrange a team meeting. Then even after these steps is he doesn’t listen then I would hand it over to the upper management).
  • How will you approach any design problems? Explain in steps. ( I took the example of my project and explained to him from start to end what I would do. I explained from planning to the full testing and deployment phase).
  • Swap two no without using extra variable.

Round 4 ( Professional Fitment – 5 students were selected )

  • Project and explanations.
  • Have you ever been to Bangalore or Pune?
  • Best professor and worst professor in college and why? ( Named the best but didn’t name any for the worst)
  • How were the previous rounds?
  • Why analytics?
  • What do you want to work in?
  • You have good marks in 10, 12 and college why not further studies?
  • Implement LCS and show the output( Time given 10 min ).
  • Explain your algorithm.

Round 5 ( HR round – 4 students selected )

  • Project and explanation
  • Was there any question that you thought was beyond your limit in the previous round?
  • Can you solve that question now?
  • Explain the question.
  • How was the previous interviews?
  • How will you know that your calculator is not working? Explain stepwise.
  • Any experience in working as a team?

Finally, 4 of us got the offers in which I was one of them.

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