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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience 2020-21 (On-Campus Virtual )

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2020

Deutsche bank visited our campus this year. Due to the pandemic, the whole interview process was held on the skype platform.

Process consists of total 5 rounds .

1)Online test

2)Technical interview 1

3) Technical interview 2

4) Pro-fit round

5) HR round.

1)Online test was held in HackerEarth platform. Test consists of 3 coding que. All questions are of medium-hard level difficulty. Solving 1 que was enough to get shortlist for interviews. After total 15 students get shortlisted out of 150 for interviews.

2)Technical Interview – 1

Panelist go through my resume and asked me to introduce myself. He then directly jumped to technical part without asking any questions on projects. Questions were

a) Difference between program and Algorithm.

b)Sorting Algorithms (Merge sort  Quick sort)

c)Difference between null and void.

d)OOP concepts like inheritance , polymorphism . He asked me to give real life examples.

e) Kernel in OS

f) Diagram of kernel ( Application programs , operating system and hardware ) 

g) what is microprocessor?

h) Linked list vs array

i) About stack and queue.

j) He then asked me to write a code on notepad of printing prime numbers between given range a and b. ( I solved it using simple technique and also seive of erathosthenes) . Also asked about time complexity of code.

3) Technical interview -2 

a) He asked me puzzle –

b) Tell the names of all the trees you know and explain each one of them.

c) worst case of binary search tree searching ? And how to solve it.

d) LL LR RL RR rotation in AVL trees ? (he asked me to write a function of rotation on notepad)

e) Tell me about Linear data structures?

f) difference between encapsulation vs  abstraction ?

g)write SQL queries to find duplicate row from table ?

h) difference between distinct vs unique and like operator in SQL?

4) Pro-Fit round 

a)why we should hire you ?

b)tell me something apart from your resume?

c)tell me your strength and weakness?

d)tell me the most exiting moment of your college life?

e) What will you do if we do not hire you today?

f) Tell me something that i could feel you are the best candidate for this job?

5) HR -round :

a) Introduce yourself ?

b) Strength and weakness.

c) Most difficult situation you faced in your life?

d) what do you fell is your greatest achievement till now?

e) Have you seen the company website ? (I replied yes) , then what 3 changes you want to do in website?

f) Is there any conflict between you and your teammates and how do you tackle it?

g) The most complex thing you have done in your project?

h) who/0 is  CEO of company ?

i) What is your biggest failure in your life ?

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