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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience

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Recently Deutsche Bank visited our campus. Job profile was Graduate analyst.

Online Test : No Aptitude.Only Coding was there.It was hosted on hackerrank.There were 3 coding questions based on JOB sequencing, Dynamic Programming and normal array based question.

1. Coding Question :JOB sequencing :

2. DP Coding Question : It was based on String Palindrome, we have to find scatter palindrome strings inside given string and return number of scatter palindrome in string.For example given string aabb, the scatter palindromes are a, aa, aab, aabb , a, abb, b, bb, b. Here there are 9 substring that are scatter palindrome.

3. Array Based Coding Question : It was logical VM pricing problem to find the profit of given stock.

Even if you are able to solve 2 questions, your probability of getting short-listed is very high. I have solved 2 questions only.After coding round next day company shortlisted 49 students from total 600.

There were total 5 rounds as follows:

Round 1(Technical Round): Interviewer asked me about Balanced BST (AVL) tree . He asked me the logic of balancing trees. Then I explained him the logic of maintaining height (height<=1) for each node. Then he asked me to write the code for all 4 function of AVL Tree(LL LR RL RR). I explained him the code of all four function. Don’t worry, if you are getting stuck while writing code the interviewer will help you by giving clues/hints. But if you don’t know anything about it and explaining wrong thing the interviewer will immediately get you. Just say no if you don’t know, it does not reduce your points.Then he asked me to write code for bubble sort in JAVA. I wrote worst case Bubble sort at first(Naive approach) then he asked me to optimize it and then I optimized it by stopping the algorithm if inner loop didn’t cause any swap, it takes 4 to 5 minutes. Take your time to think about solution but don’t give fake answers.

Round 2(Group Activity): Round 1 was elimination round, from 49 students they shortlisted 27 students.In group activity we were given set of legos. The task was to build bridge over the river(imaginary), 27 students were divided into 2 groups and at last bridges build by both groups are combined together to form big and strong bridge.The aim of this task was to check leadership quality and team management, etc of the student.

Round 3(Technical ): Interviewer asked me about basic of DBMS, then he asked me to choose SQL and NoSQL? I selected NoSQL and then asked me about by Certifications related to NoSQL(MongoDB and Firebase). He asked me to draw the Architecture of MongoDB. I roughly draw the architecture and then asked questions on that. Also he asked me to write NoSQL basic query for finding student name.On my CV I mentioned about NodeJS, he started to ask questions related to NodeJS starting from API calls, then functions(promises)  to microservices (monolithic, etc). I managed to answer each question perfectly.Then he entered into OS, he asked me some basic questions related to Memory Management(Paging: ). I explained him paging concept clearly along with address translation after that he moved to Round Robin Algorithm he asked some questions related to it.Make your basics very clear related to all fundamental subjects(C++, OS, Software Engineering, etc).At last he asked, any questions for me? Remember always be frank during interview process ask questions to interviewer it helps to build strong communication.

Round 4(TechnoHR): In this round, I explained each and every project of my resume in depth as per the questions asked, interviewer asked technical details of project. During explanation of project I always mentioned NodeJS, API calls, Request & Response, on that he asked me to write NodeJS API, and how the response is handled, etc. Then he asked he me questions related to Agile methods(SCRUM) and I answered  each question convincingly. Always remember that its a mind game while explaining something to interviewer. Then he asked me some basic HR questions why should we hire you? why are you interested in DB? etc. I answered those questions normally(honest). I also asked some normal questions at last regarding my interview.


Round 5(HR):This was the final round, it was basic pure HR round, questions related to DB(PPT) were asked.

It was around 11 hour process.They shortlisted 13 out of 27 students and I was one of them 🙂 .


Last Updated : 22 Jun, 2020
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