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Deutsche Bank Internship Interview Experience| On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 06 Aug, 2021
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Recently, Deutsche Bank came to our campus for internship and placement.

I am happy to tell you that I cracked this opportunity and I am here to share my experience throughout the hiring process.

There were overall 4 online rounds conducted.

  1. Online Coding Test.
  2. Technical Round.
  3. Professional-fitment Round.
  4. HR Round.

Round 1(Online Coding Test – 120 mins): Those with 8.5 CGPA and above can sit in the first round. The round analyzed our coding and CS fundamentals and was conducted on an online platform (HackerEarth) and consisted of 2 coding questions and 10 MCQs

Coding Questions

  1. Given an array find maximum value of a[i]+(a[j]*a[k]) such that i<j<k and a[i]<a[j]<a[k] are satisfied.
  2. Given n numbers, you can remember k distinct integers. For every extra integer you can’t remember, you have to pay a value X, find the total amount you have to pay.

MCQ’s were based on OOPS, DBMS, OS, and CN.

10 students were shortlisted to proceed to the next round.  

Round 2(Technical Interview 45 mins):  My interview was at 11:15 am.

  1. Tell me about Yourself.
  2. How would I implement a simple sudoku game?
  3. About a Hackathon experience, I mentioned in my Resume.
  4. 2 coding questions –
    • Iterative Binary search
    • Find the shortest distance between two nodes in a tree.
  5. Explain LinkedList
  6. Explain any one of your projects.
  7. DBMS query on relationships and JOIN.
  8. OOPs basic questions like polymorphism, encapsulation, etc.
  9. Any questions you would like to ask?

I asked her about my work stack if I get selected. Here is the catch, keep calm and let the interviewer know what you are thinking, and solve step by step. If we ask something it shows them we are interested, so do ask.  Also, be aware of all the stuff written in your resume.  

Round 3(Professional-fitment Round): This round was at 2:30 pm and for 30 minutes.

  • I was asked to introduce myself. Then I had to explain projects on my resume. I was asked questions on OOPs and Networking. I was told to share the screen and implement a priority queue.
  • He also created a scene where I was told that my skills aren’t suitable for my role. I tried my best to convince him and in the end, his delighted face proved that I was successful in doing so.
  • Just be calm in this kind of situational question.

Round 4(HR Round): The interviewer was really nice.  

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. How did the pandemic hit you and your studies and how did you manage?
  3. What was the overall experience of today?
  4. Why did you choose this college?
  5. How is your college life? How is the experience of attending college online?
  6. I won a hackathon so the chance was that I may get an internship there. So he asked me which company would you choose and why. Be genuine here.
  7. What are you expecting from Deutsche Bank?
  8. Do you have any questions?

The morning pre-placement talk was helpful here. Keep a smiling and bright face and have an engaging conversation. Most important be genuine!

After this round, I was eagerly waiting for the results and at 11 PM, the list came, and finally, 7 students got selected for the Internships, and I was one of them!

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